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Fun, Wholesome Femdom!

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Are you tired of fake Dommes barking orders, beating balls and generally dominating without any real interest or sense of fun?

Us too!

Ballbusting Club is about fun, joy, laughter and of course Ball Busting! You know, kicking, trampling, squeezing and generally having a good time busting nuts!

So, if you want to see girls who really enjoy busting balls, having a great time in a relaxed atmosphere, look no further than the Ballbusting Club!

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Latest Updates

132 Videos and Counting! Over 19 Hours of Ballbusting!

[5/18/2018] Added 2 Brittney videos featuring hard kicks in two new pairs of sneakers!

Two more Brittney clips coming next week featuring hard, repeated stomps in more sneakers! ♥

[5/12/2018] Added 1 More videos starring Brittney featuring ferocious power kicks which left Eegan's balls a grossly swollen mess!

[5/04/2018] Added 2 More videos starring Brittney! She dances full-weight and then squeezes and slaps Eegan's poor bruised, swollen balls.

[4/29/2018] Added 2 Videos celebrating the triumphant return of Brittney! She kicks and stomps wearing white chuck taylor all-stars for super fan Joe!

[4/19/2018] Added 3 Power Kick videos starring Peggy! She kicks wearing socks, boots and flats!

[4/13/2018] Added 4 new videos. D kicks in goth chucks and white chucks, as well as kneeing in her pretty nylons!

[4/07/2018] Added 6 clips of D kicking, trampling, squeezing and doing yoga on Eegan's huge balls barefoot, in socks and nylons!
Kneeing and kicking in cute goth chucks coming soon!

[3/30/2018] Added 5 clips of D having a blast spending a whole day trying to get Eegan's balls as big as possible!

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