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Fun, Wholesome Femdom!

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Are you tired of fake Dommes barking orders, beating balls and generally dominating without any real interest or sense of fun?

Us too!

Ballbusting Club is about fun, joy, laughter and of course Ball Busting! You know, kicking, trampling, squeezing and generally having a good time busting nuts!

So, if you want to see girls who really enjoy busting balls, having a great time in a relaxed atmosphere, look no further than the Ballbusting Club!

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Latest Updates

158 Videos and Counting! Over 25 Hours of Ballbusting!

[9/21/2018] Added a new video of D kicking Eegan's balls as hard as she can until he can't take it any more!

[8/31/2018] Added 3 personal play sessions filled with kicking, trampling, squeezing and general Femdom cbt goodness!

[8/20/2018] Added 2 videos starring Brittney! She dances right on Eegan's lap and then finishes him off with two hundred kicks and some ball grinding!

[8/10/2018] Added 3 videos featuring Brittney and V! They take turns warming Eegan's balls up for further abuse.

[7/27/2018] Added 2 new videos featuring Brittney! We bid her adieu as she embarks on her next adventure in a different state. We'll miss you Britt!

[7/18/2018] Added 2 more videos featuring V! She goes to town on Eegan's balls with power kicks and then finishes him off with a Free For All!

[7/09/2018] Added 2 new videos featuring V! She warms Eegan's balls up with kicks and step class!

[6/30/2018] Added a new video starring D! She treats herself to a nice, hard foot massage using Eegan's grossly swollen balls!

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